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Unlock your potential and thrive
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Thriving with ADHD

We all are destined to experience joy and wellbeing and to fully express our unique potential.


Do you sometimes wish for guidance and help in managing your daily life, making decisions, organizing, regulating your emotions and behaviors, navigating the weave of social interactions, and achieving your goals and life vision?

At times do you encounter difficulties with Executive Functioning, Impulsivity, Starting or following up on tasks, Focusing, Difficulties at work or at school?


Get to know the person who knows you best, wants the best for you, knows how to go about it, and will advocate for you with kindness.

This person is inside you. 


Increase its awareness and strengthen its voice.

Listen to it and it will guide you assuredly and successfully for the rest of your life.


Mindful, evidence-based coaching will guide you in a collaborative self-discovery

to celebrate your unique gifted brain

while creatively design your own strategies and tools to overcome challenges. 

I offer a unique combination of a PhD in psychology from Columbia University;

Researcher in neuroscience at the Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

of Columbia University; Teaching children mindfulness to maximize their potential and foster wellbeing; Certified as a specialized ADHD coach,

and as a Teacher of Mindfulness.

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