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“My partner and I have worked with Leora Amira for the last year and the

experience has been humbling and transformative.

The cumulative experiences of our weekly sessions have led to profound peace and growth.

Leora is an ADHD coach, but through her holistic approach and versatile gifts, she has helped us process so much more than ADHD. The work we have done together has been deep and elemental and has flowed through every aspect of our lives, resulting in a greater sense of meaning, understanding, awareness, and connection.

Leora’s therapeutic coaching practice is a rich tapestry of different modalities.

She combines her academic background, training in non-violent communication strategies, decades of experience with individuals, specialization in ADHD, Buddhist practice, and deep wisdom and applies it all with humility, strength, patience, and grace.

The session environment that Leora creates contains multitudes. It is a warm, non-judgmental space that can address both the light and dark sides of life.

She has helped my partner and I find the systems, tools, and language to better communicate in our relationship. She has helped us process and work through challenging emotions and experiences.

I really appreciate Leora’s incredible strength - when we are shaken by life, we derive such a sense of grounding through our talks with her. She is uniquely gifted at drawing out insights from within the individual she is working with. Rather than prescribing answers, she is able to ask detailed questions and to lead a generative process of discovery.

She has an amazing balance of the pragmatic and the creative and her empathy and encouragement are boundless. In the sessions, we find both clear actionable steps, as well as the space and breath to explore and reflect.

Leora is always learning new skills and furthering her own training and brings a (seemingly bottomless) toolkit into each session. She is always the precise combination of tough and gentle that my partner and I need to stay on track.

We deeply trust Leora’s expertise and credentials, but beyond that, we trust the results! Many seeds that we have planted together in our sessions with Leora have come to fruition over time. I feel that there has been real change, progress, and growth. In an ephemeral process like therapy, it can be difficult to “feel” the shifts in mindset - but with Leora, the progress is always strongly felt and experienced.

We are continually grateful to have the opportunity to work with Leora and wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who wants to invite a greater sense of awareness, compassion, and understanding into their lives.”

- Shelley

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